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Ummm, sad?

This made me sad. Why the fuck do people think this is funny? Screw that, this wasnt funny. AT ALL. However, it was interesting. To bad the animation was reaaaaallly bad. Work on that.


Good job, you have so much you can improve on but your doing really well right now. Just try and streamline everything and make it smoother. Good going :D

Wonderful, Simply wonderful

This was an amazing story, It made a very engrossing atmosphere (thats VERY hard to do) and the story and art style were also engaging. it was scary and strange, and I implore you to continue this series, i feel that as you continue to grow this series will become better than any on newgrounds so far. Heres to hoping anyway. Good luck, and may your music artist you are supporting have success as well, his music went with your flash wonderfully. (or vice versa)

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Great game, but I'm perplexed at myself. I scored a 58, which looks to be a really shitty score haha. This befuddles me since I'm a rather capable drawer. SHouldn't my visual memory be slightly higher than suckish? I just dont get it. The game was really fun, a difficulty system would be welcome in sequels and what not. thats all i can think of.

Sure it was ok

Until level 8. That god damn red ball is waaaay too dificult. The angles have to be just right and theres NO margin for error. I tried for a good 10 minutes and its not worth it. The music was really catchy and fresh, but level 8 is a bitch.

Yes, yes

It has all the makings of a wonderful game. It has great graphics, a great story, and great music, great level layout, Now you just need to up the gameplay a little. This game dragged along TERRRRRIBLY, It was running uber slow, and it just felt like it was at around 8-10 fps the whole time. I stopped half way through because of this. I dont know if it was my computer or not, but that was a huge turn off. What fps is it supposed to run at?

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Im downloading this

And setting it as the track that plays when I enter a Village or civilized outcropping in WOrld of Warcraft, Biatch! YOU RAWK!


This pwns whatever the hell retards we have composing the crap I play in Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Its a very emotional piece, that changes with flowing like a river or a stream. Very cinematic, and its beautiful. I cant say much else really.

oh...my god.

I cant...This piece. Why...why isnt it longer?

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